With a hairless slave, it can be difficult to find that perfect handle to manipulate her body into the positions I want her in in a moments notice. But no need to fret, I just had her make all the leather straps a Master could ever want. There is something cathartic about seeing her bound and helpless because of her own craftsmanship at work from head to toe. Once she is strapped in a hog tie position I have a little fun by attaching a leather cord to the top of her head harness and tickle her feet before giving her a taste of my whips and belts. I raise her up onto her feet and with the same cord, I tie her to the gallows on her tippy toes for a beautiful struggle.Just when she thinks she is through with her suffering, I instill a little fear into her with my ever ready stash of rubber bands for a little target practice because lets face it... the suffering is never truly over for this slave.