Extreme Voxxxing Part 1
Victoria Voxxx realtimebondage 2019-02-09 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Victoria Voxxx is a tough cookie. No time is waisted putting her in a difficult position. With her arms above her head she's already struggling before the show even starts. Alice is just a head on a barrel as the members begin asking questions.

It's time for some extreme Voxxxing. The show starts with Victoria's legs being pulled apart. So wide in fact that she's barely able to stand on the floor. To come down she has to offer the members something. Her first offers are not adequate, but soon enough she's getting it.

After coming down off the suspension Victoria gets impaled. It's the one pole prison and it's deep this time. The electricity is hooked up and the interrogation begins. Any answer the members don't like results in a stiff shock.
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