Failure Pudding Part 2
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It's time for part two of Nora Riley's live feed and our handlers are back and better than ever. They are ready and willing to take any requests the audience might have for what we should do to our poor Nora. Whether they want her beaten, humiliated, or pleasured, we are all set up and ready to go.

First they wrap her wrists in belts and strap them down to a grid so that Nora is firmly attached and stuck where she stands. Then they pull her legs up so that they are folded into her chest and her whole body is curled up into a little ball. They clamp metal pieces onto her nipples with wires attached to them. O.T.presses a hitachi vibrator up against her clit. She wriggles and shrieks as our handlers send shocks and vibrations all through her body.

After that our staff moves her so that she is tied up to the ceiling with rope. In her hands, she holds ropes with stones hanging off the ends of them. She has to try to hold these ropes up as her arms grow tired and begin to burn. To make it even harder for her, one of our guys is cracking a whip against her body over and over again. It's going to be hard for her to hold out for the rest of the exercise, let alone an entire other installment of this live feed.
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