Electrotits Part 3
Summer Hart realtimebondage 2018-02-24 18.99 credits Buy Movie
It's not every pair of tits you can suspend from. It takes the right kind of tit and the right attitude. Summer has such assets. She's strung up by her tits and OT gives her a fright. Then it's time to whip her giant fun bags. Summer screams and squirms.

The vibrator is a tool of pleasure, but it can be used to torment as well. Given the right amount of teasing anyone will scream with agony and need. Summer begs for it. Those wonderful hips buck and try to get more attention.

Summer is sitting on the floor with her legs spread wider than she'd like. The ropes holding her ankles are not attached to anything. Not until OT adds some twine to the end of them and attaches them to nipple clamps on Summer's nipples. If she pulls her legs in they tug on her tender little nubs. Time to fuck with her feet!
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