Guns & Buns Part 2
Kate Kenzi realtimebondage 2018-03-17 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Just as the members requested Kate's tender buns are perched on the spike board. Her arms and legs pull her down on it and her hair is pulled up. She has no choice, but to shift her weight on her ass causing maximum pain. Then her tight clamps are attached to her nipples. The clamps are attached to the ground to further torment her. OT gives her a little incentive to bounce around which makes the pain even worse.

It's time for Kate's shock treatment. More harsh electro clamps are placed on Kate's already tender nipples. The electricity is turned way up and the questioning begins. Each question brings a scream from her lips. The members keep the questions coming and OT sprays some water on her nipples to enhance the shocks. The members suggest Kate is being too loud so OT puts a tape gag on her. Much better.
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