Bonnie Day London River hardtied 2017-04-19 16.99 credits Buy Movie
London River has got Bonnie Day in a tight squeeze and Bonnie knows it. She's terrified. Laid down on top of a table on her back, each one of her limbs tied down to a different one of its legs, she starts to writhe and whine before anything even really happens to her. As London slices her dress off, she knows whatever is coming is bad news.

London wants to squeeze Bonnie a little tighter, inch by inch. After flogging her for a minute to get her used to the kind of pain she'll be experiencing, London takes out some clothespins. One after another she clips them to Bonnie's hairy pussy until there is almost no skin able to be seen that isn't being pinched by them. Then London presses a hitachi to Bonnie's clit and sees which sensation will win out.

London liked the kind of response she got from the clothespins, so she wants to keep moving in that direction. She clamps binder clips onto Bonnie's feet, her arms, and her thighs. Each time London gives them a new spot on the body, she follows them up with some kind of torment right where they hurt Bonnie, and right where Bonnie can be hurt most. Maybe our model should learn to be less sensitive.
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