In Spades Part Two (Bonus)
Anna Rose infernalrestraints 2010-10-05 24.99 credits Buy Movie
In part 2, Anna Rose has made her decision. She's on top of the barrel, cable tied like she's red meat and ready for the spit. Anna takes three fingers and an inflatable plug up the ass while a vibrator goes at her swelled pussy. PD refuses to let her come.

Now a crotch strap cuts deeply into the soft flesh between her thighs, holding in the plug and a vibrator. She wears mitts and a skintight hood. PD circles like a wolf on the prowl. Then Anna is crammed into the barrel like herring, the lid's slapped into place, and a hammer bangs down the ring.

The barrel rocks as Anna struggles. She's such a noisy, restless submissive. The vibrator's activated and the plug inflated. Out go the lights. The vibrator hums, its control glowing red in the dark.

In the morning PD kicks the barrel to wake her up. Then he rolls the barrel back and forth across the floor Prelude to a Torment.

She's chained into The Chair With a Hundred Hungry Spikes and left to simmer. Metal tit-squeezer, metal collar, and metal head cage give anna the full farm experience. Her temptation is to shift. It just increases her agony, wearing her down until she's noisy again, screaming and moaning. A vibrator hums in her pussy. Her sexual exhilaration smashes head-on into a hundred pricks of pain. anna screams as she comes then continues to scream. Agony? Ecstasy? Anna's blown way the hell out to never, never land.
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