Category 5 Suspension, Audrey Rose severely deep throated, pussy fucked, and made to Squirt!
Matt Williams     Audrey Rose    
2012-10-12, 15 minutes, 624 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 6.99 credits
Welcome back Audrey Rose to Sexually Broken. We're telling you, she really looks just like a young Carly Simon. Seriously, go Google it.

Ok, this is something you don't see every day, unless we are doing it, or someone else is copying it. It's extremely demanding and can only be done on certain girls with a unique type of flexibility. It is a Category 5 bondage position from the very start.

With her natural breasts severely bound, legs spread and her arms stuck in a strappado hell, Audrey is suffering from the moment we begin. We start right off with the vibrator, if we do not distract Audrey with orgasms she won't make it long in this position. We make her cum and cum again, then we finger blast her pussy and make her squirt.

This amazing bondage is also fluid. We can tip it back and forth, creating new possibilities. Tipping it back puts Audrey in a very helpless and compromising position. We make her squirt and cum while in this position. When tipped forward we can fuck her face, this is deep throating at it's best. Audrey can do nothing as we slide the big cock all the way down her throat, we fuck her mouth like we would a pussy.

We can also suspend the bondage, and now we can slide our cock deep into Audrey's wet pussy. We fuck her until she cums again. We vibrator her to another strong screaming orgasm and leave her to suffer while hanging, and suffer she does...
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