Nipple Pink
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-07-24 9.99 credits Buy Movie
You know what they say about Nipples - Here's to nipples. Without them titties would be pointless.

The erect nipple, big hard and red... Has got to be one of the most sexiest thing that complements the female form. Add the fact that they can get red and sore quite easily. They can be big juicy and sexy, they are an amuse bouche to the main course, a succulent appetizer ripe for the tongue or flick with the finger.

The slave #465 is very reactive when her nipples are the target of sadist seeking to deliver pain. Master James loves the wreathing and yelps from such an easy thing as bringing pain to them, can spend lengthy sessions just on them nips.

Dungeon Master James starts with leather face gag complete with the inflatable anal plug in her mouth hole, chaining her to the gallows on her knees, legs spread. When He cuts her cloths off with very sharp scissors, she wreaths nicely as He haphazardly cuts her dress to reveal them luscious nipples. He loves beating on her with the leather swatter, a rubber hose and then the hard handled whip involving nipple play. He gets behind her with the vibrator as her legs are spread on her knees to bring her to orgasm..

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