Shame Flute Incarceration
slave Lucy Master James 2020-07-29 6.99 credits Buy Movie
The 'Shame Flute' is a medieval device made to punishment the bad musicians.

This slave was told to play some good music, it failed in it's task to do so for it's Master. The slave is then persecuted to suffer humiliation, degradation and cruelty of the shame flute in the hotbox outside for all to see. as the town folk walk by.

To add a bit to this sorry display, Master James brings out his slingshot to target this slave pig's worthless clitty in hope that one would hit it mark.

This slaves incarceration continues through the night till it's feeding time the next day in preparation for a long day of work.

BDSM, Metal Devices, Shame Flute, cage, Outdoors, Torture Device, Humiliation, Degradation, Cruelty, TPE, slave, MtF, Transgender, Tranny Pig, Freak, Steel, Device Bondage, Male Master, Slave Training, Early Training, Agony, Sadomasochism, Total Power Exchange, Metal, Suffering, Creature, Pig, DEBRISx, A shame flute for a bad musician, Bad Musicianship, Bizarre, German method, Medieval, Persecution, Playing Music Badly, Public Humiliation, Suffering, Torture,
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