Slippery When Mia Part 2
Mia Torro realtimebondage 2017-12-23 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Wherever Mia goes she ruins things. It's that slippery pussy that always gets in trouble. As her livefeed continues we try to come up with the best names for her and her drippy pussy. The ropes go on as Mia giggles about her wet cunt.

We add more fuel to the fire so to speak as Mia drinks more water. The verbal torment begins as we make her say YASSSSS! A word she absolutely hates. Once Mia is tied up nice and tight the table is slid out from under her so she's flying.

The vibrator goes on her pussy and rips more juice out of her. OT ties her toes back to further expose her. All Mia can do is hang there with her drippy little twat. OT flogs her all over including her tender little asshole.
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