Turning Violet Part 1
Poor Violet Monroe has something about her that screams "hurt me!" We're not the type to ignore such clear messages from a beautiful woman. She admits that she is into the most intense aspects of BDSM. This piss-drinking pain slut will do whatever it takes to satisfy us and our sadistic membership.

That's why live feeds are so much fun. We get to not only act on whatever twisted desires pop into our heads, but we have a room full of friends who each have their own contributions to add. Want to see her tits whipped? Let us know. What us to lock her down into metal bondage in a classic slave position while we do it? We're more than happy to oblige. We have so much fun making all of the sickest ideas you have come alive on the screen.

And the best part is that live feeds can last so long. We like to take our time, work them over, ramp things up over time, and turn a girl into a quivering pile of crying, cumming flesh by the end of a day. This is just the beginning.
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