Juliette March hardtied 2019-02-06 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Juliette has an intense heat about her. It’s a degree of passion she exudes for bondage. It demands an intensity in kind. Only the rough sort of body play will do. OT starts by dragging her to the stage with a fistful of her hair. She screams in horror and pain.

It’s not long before her taut body is strung up and spinning around in the air. She takes slaps to every exposed inch of skin including some hard ones to the face. He clamps his hand down on her throat. Juliette is not deterred in her lust.

He ties her and makes her touch herself. He suspends her and puts suction cups on her nipples, clit, and on her asshole. The pain is excutiating, but still she’s panting for more. This one’s a keeper.
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