Queen of Pain
Elise Graves infernalrestraints 2013-02-01 24.95 credits Buy Movie
What makes Elise Graves our Queen of Pain? It sure as hell isn't because she enjoys dishing it out. We have Cyd Black and PD on hand for that. Her job is to just graciously accept everything they have to offer.

They waste no time in getting down to business. Right away they take out the heaviest canes they can find and set about making Elise scream. 2-handed blows rain down on her ass, legs and tits, while she struggles to stay standing in her stocks.

When they plan on turning up the intensity they are nice enough to grab her a chair. It isn't more comfortable but it has enough straps to make sure she is held in place. There is barely enough slack for her to shake when she sobs, she can forget about getting away. And this particular chair keeps her legs spread wide open so that PD and Cyd can give her a taste of the fucking machine.
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