Burning Predicament
Mama always told me that "A watched pot never boils"... Now we all know in actuality, that this is more of a principal of patience rather than scientific magic, but I can't help but to be reminded of this saying as I watched in anticipation of slave abigail's impedending doom... Only this time, each moment of agonizing suspense was delicious nectar for my sadistic thirst.
She is locked into place by her neck in a wooden stock at about standing height... connected at a slant to a board braced and stabilized to a tool cart that was fastened to the floor. On her tippy toes and with her knees bent at a 90 degree angle she balances on two 4X4's about a foot long from floor to toe. Her ankles shackled together by a spreader bar and attached to a chain that led to the center of the gallows at a height that kept her feet just inches off the floor when not standing on the 4X4's. The 4x4s were then attached to a rope and chain contraption that weaved through a series of cause and effect leaving abigail not only in agonizing fatigue but in a mental frenzy trying to figure out how she could thwart these confusing efforts her Master had carfully devised. At the end of the maze stood a sterno on a pedestal hot with a blue flame directly under the taught rope that if compromised... would set off the mousetrap leaving abigail without two boards to stand on as the 12 pound iron ball drops, yanking them from beneath her feet...her Master just sitting back and enjoying the show.
The unknown is inevitable as one watches. Chains that bind are cold, but not to the flesh. Fire burns and torments without skin contact. A heavy iron ball will fall removing the ground on which one stands.

Master James at Sensualpain.com real Sadomasochism, its main focus dungeon device bondage style being extended to European and Germanic societies BDSM dungeon type scene interested countries are Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United States.
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