New Toys Fresh Meat
Abigail Dupree Goddess Kyaa 2017-04-26 15.99 credits Buy Movie
Goddess Kyaa can hardly contain Her SWEG when Master James hands over His slave abigail to be subject to Her sadistic whims and notions. While Her slave river is doing quite well with her pain tolerance training, Goddess Kyaa still hasn't reached a point with river that allows her to unleash that beast within unabashedly.
With all of Master James'implements at Her fingertips, She secures abigail to a T-bar bent in half at the waist while standing and then fastens her wrists to her ankles and her ankles to the base of the bar. Wouldn't want any of Her precious time wasted on a fancy binding.
She is determined to alter abigail's appearance by the time She is through with her and get's right to work on that big round ass.