Milf Ropes For Son Fantasy
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-07-10 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Sensual Pain Studios presents a solo act starring Abigail Dupree - My son is threatening me with blackmail by telling the family what I do for a living. The sex industry in not as friendly or as easy as one would think and my son was making things a bit harder by revealing that I do sexual things to pay the mortgage. It pays well and he hasn't complained all these years while swimming in the pool or eating the food under the roof that I sold my body for.

So I decided to try and even up the playing field. I looked into what kind of porn he has been watching, the videos he buys and the porn sites he is a member of, just to get a feel of what he is into. I found that he is really into the older women, you know, the MILF types. He likes seeing them rendered helpless, tied up in rope and fucked by younger studs. Yeah, I know, I have to say that it really is sexy.

Anyway, I thought to trick him by putting myself into a bit of a bind that requires his help to get me out of. So I came up with the plan of tying myself up in rope while dolled up in one of his fetish outfits of Chip and Dale gay porn. Something that makes it look like I really need his help and little does he know, I will have some cameras on to hopefully catch something incriminating to hold against him to change his mind about blackmailing me. Something good like an erection or make him blush or something like that so I could show his friends... Ack, turned on by his own mother...? How embarrassing! Right? ... But then he surprises me by helping me with his dick out... oh no!

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