Bad Pussy
Angel Allwood is a sexy, blonde, oiled, damsel-in-distress. She has tits that are begging to get tied off and tortured. Really, her whole body is looking like one hell of a tempting target. She's blindfolded in the center of the room with her arms pulled up over her head, so she knows that something awful is about to happen to her, even if she can't see it coming.

Matt is going to flog her ass until his arm wears out, then it's time for the other kinds of fun he has in mind. She's going into some intense, Category 5 rope bondage. The kind that has her tits tied off and clamped, her body folded nearly in half, and her pussy getting whipped and flogged. The only part of her that isn't getting worked is her asshole, but that won't last for long. We know she's an anal loving slut, and she'll cum with something in her ass. Matt finger blasts her back door until she has the screaming orgasm she has been looking for all day.
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