After Work
There is a way to know if a girl is a slut and that is when you find out they do not wear underwear. After finding out that this slut is a party girl as well, Master James has been after her to come to his place for unknown reasons. So one day after this hard working slutty girl's shift was over, she is invited to Master James house in the only manner that she would understand, that is she needs to be told what to do. So, from her deep need to obey plus the fire in her belly for pleasurable and painful things that she doesn't fully understand yet, she drives out to Master James house for a hopeful tryst but it was not what she expected.

tags; Metal Restraint, Dungeon, Female Desperation, Naked, Long Red Hair, Kink, Tryst, Rendezvous, creepy, Submission, Dominance, Whipping, Flogging, Spanking, Fingering Asshole, Black Gloves, oiled Ass, Cock Rubbing, Rough Handling, Female Smoking, Slut, No Panties, No Knickers, Short Skirt
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