Worked Over
Lorelei Lee infernalrestraints 2016-08-19 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Lorelei Lee was just out for a good time. She thought she would have some fun being thrown around by one of our handlers, but no one ever gets exactly what they are expecting when they sign up to be played with by Matt Williams. In the beginning Lorelei is begging Matt to let her cum. What she doesn't understand is that by the end of their time together she is going to be begging him to let her stop.

She starts out sat down on top of the sybian, a terrifyingly powerful vibrator, with a black ball gag in her mouth and a leather strap blindfolding her. With her other senses cut off, all she has to focus on is the intense vibration between her legs. That is until Matt takes out the flogger and goes to work on her tits and ass. The ball gag can only do so much to stop Lorelei's screams as she cums over and over again and gets attention from the flogger, followed by a whip and cane.

Lorelei is laid on her back with her feet over her head and her pussy and ass exposed. She is then penetrated relentlessly by the fucking machine. Matt thought it would be more fun to put it in her ass so that he could spend some time on her pussy with the cane. And once he's gotten it nice and sensitive he puts the hitachi right on her clit and sticks the pogo inside of her. She is screaming and shaking, totally cum-drunk and thoroughly fucked.
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