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It doesn’t matter how tall they might be, bondage and dick always cuts them down to size. Bianca Breeze towers in her heels, so we do the only logical thing and bind her on her back. Her pale lean limbs are firmly secured in place with strict metal shackles and her head hangs over the edge of the plank she is secured on, opening up her mouth hole for our use.

And use it we do. We walk right up and slide home balls deep. Bianca takes every inch, she has no choice really. The bondage keeps her in place, she can not shift away. This is her new lot in life…to be a cock holster for our use. Like the well trained pet that she is, she opens up her face pussy and drools delightfully. One after the other the cocks run a train on her face.

The breath play of endless dick and tight bondage blasts Bianca into sexual subspace and her eyes glass over. As her face goes slack and she accepts her fate, we pick up the pace even more. It is a complete overload of the senses. And she loves every single minute. This is what sexually broken means. To be a bound fuck puppet put though your paces.

We don’t stop until we have had our fill of her face and Bianca is a drooling mess that can not get her eyes uncrossed. Always a pleasure my dear. Until next time...
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