Acquired Redhead Gimp Construct
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-05-23 14.99 credits Buy Movie
In this further course of shedding the identity, becoming a simple slave, an object or even a gimp. The advancement by incremental training and the basis of each training always includes the entire complex of rules, control, punishment, training, drill and dressage with the ultimate goal of fully trained slaves in the sense of comprehensive disciplining, conditioning and final ownership. The conscious consent of the slave to break through the conventions of an existing frame of life or relationship and to establish M⁄s, D⁄S and sadomasochistic structures as the only valid framework in this new life plan. The training gradually opens the slave to a mental-emotional reorientation of one's self within. Routines include aspects of punishment, humiliation, control, pain and pleasure. These are the core elements of a real-life M⁄s D⁄S relationship.

Slaven 465 May2019: Was retrieved from the pit this day for the physical loss of identity by head shaved and gimp mask. Further obedience training at the inside dungeon. female slave 465 was retained in the small steel cage box, Stocks, hand flogging while reciting slaves creed, painful vibrator applied to crotch for proper etiquette in responsive obedience on the sober-objective Abrichtungsrealisierung away from selfish desires and onto purely sexual fantasies. Dungeon Master James presides, pronounces the slave yet passed again to be returned to incarceration for later, further obedience and pain training.

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