Spiked Part Two
Kat Monroe realtimebondage 2018-05-12 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Fresh from bending over backward on the spike horse Kat's back is showing some deep marks. The ropes are untied and Kat prepares for her next trial. She's going to be working out on the spike board. First it's a plank position. Her elbows and forearms are pressed deeply into the harsh spikes. It's only a few minutes before she's in some serious pain. When her body fails she's threatened with the single tail. Her next position is a pushup. Her hands hurt instantly, but it's easier than the plank. Then she has to lay on her tits, and finally a wall sit on the spike board.

To stretch her back she's bent forward over some pipes. Electric clamps are put onto her labia. Then she's asked a bunch of questions. The subject is something Kat should know a thing or two about. Animals. However, we don't ask simple dog and cat questions. We ask her the most obscure questions about the most obscure animals we can think of. Will Kat survive her electric torment?

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