Dolcett - Goodbye Papa - Extended
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2016-12-18 20.99 credits Buy Movie
A Sensual Pain Studios Dolcett Roleplay- "Goodbye Papa" - Papa is away and mother has me on the menu for dinner tonight because the original entree just happened to be ovulating... ripe for the breeding not the feeding. She has me restrained so that I can't escape while she is out picking up a nice bottle of Chianti to go with the meal. She is careless and leaves her laptop on the kitchen counter so I sneak a Skype call in to Papa at his work before she cooks me on the spit. I am not supposed to have feelings for him, nor is he to have feelings for me.. but we all know that I am his favorite. However, I am just bred and fed to be eaten like a farm pig raised for slaughter and when there was a need for sustainance, I was ready and willing to offer my scrawny bones to be basted to perfection. The flavor of the meat is very important. I am tempted to give Papa an appetizer of sorts... a view into the preparation of his meal... the mis en place. I tenderize my insides by putting a large funnel in my ass and packed it real good with the cock on the post getting it ready for the lemons and oranges savory herbs and spices. I then prepare my breasts for an injection of flavorful juices by inserting the needles into my tit meat. I can't go quite as far as I would like to for fear that mama is close by and even though I'm not afraid of what she might do to me... I mean... what's she gonna do? Throw me on the spit for supper?? haha... I would not want to get papa in trouble though. I grab a lick of fire and singe the peach fuzz from my skin, describing the smells and delicacies I would prepare for him if it were up to me. I must hurry though, Mama just pulled up and she won't be pleased with my meal prep, I am sure...

In the extended version you will get a glimpse into the aftermath of a performance like this and what goes into the preparation leading up to this performance as explained by Abigail. Her Master questions her and praises her for her dedication and hard work that she gladly and willingly gives to satisfy her twisted and quirky clients. These are her favorites by far and the ones that make her shake in her boots the most... What a fun and touching glimpse behind the scenes... the love is very evident. Get the tissues. Sensual Pain Studios - Extreme Productions LLC
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