Feast Your Eyes Part 1
Sierra Cirque realtimebondage 2018-04-07 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Sierra Cirque graces us with her appearance yet again. Fresh from her making of the Infernal Restraints Creep series Sierra is ready for a live audience. To begin with the female crew offer up their used panties to make a lovely tape gag for Sierra. Penny Lay, Kel Bowie, and Kate Kenzi each have been wearing their panties for a few days to make them absolutely ripe for Sierra. OT helps each get their panties off before stuffing them deeply into Sierra's face hole. Then her head is tightly wrapped with tape.

Once her pleas are successfully muffled the focus switches to her cunt. Not so much pleasuring it as brutalizing it. She's tied in a painful strappado with a rope tightly wound around her neck. Perched on the horse Sierra moans and strains as her weight takes it's toll on her tender nether region. The physical strength it takes her to hold herself up slowly softens her and she puts more and more weight on her neck.
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