Insatiable (Part Two)
314 realtimebondage 2020-10-17 49.99 credits Buy Movie
314 is a patchwork of criss crossed marks. Her tender flesh is puffy and red. The chastity device has her locked down and plugged up. The anal plug is removed and the device is unlocked.

Her feet are prepared; ankles locked in front of her. She's made to watch as the cane brutally inflicts pain on her feet. She cries through her suffering. A deep throat gag is installed to mute her wails.

She's strung up like a piece if meat. Sister Dee poses for a picture with her catch. Then it's time for 314 to take a little dunk. Into a bucket her head goes.
anal plug     body     bucket     cane     catch     chastity device     crew     crossed mark     deep throat gag     device     events     feet     front     head     intense sadist     little dunk     mark     meat     member     pain     patchwork     pictures     punishment     scream     sister dee     suffering     tender flesh     time     wail     way     welt     
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