All the Love
Layla Love hardtied 2018-11-28 16.99 credits Buy Movie
We love Layla Love! She's got a sexy body and a love for bondage. Once she's bound you can tell it's her natural state. There's a sort of discomfort that you don't quite realize was there until it's gone. The blond bombshell deserves to be completely immobilized.

With a body like Layla's, it's no wonder the bondage fits her. She's a straight hottie. Once she's all tied up and tightly ballgagged she's spanked and groped. She struggles and wiggles. Disrobing her reveals that her nipples are pierced. All that means is there's something to tie to.

It's time for her to fly. OT fills her mouth with her own damp panties and wraps tape around her head. He tests her ability to breath by closing her nose. When he lets go she gasps in air.
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