Abigail Dupree Master James 2019-08-28 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Enthralled to serve Master!

You can tell from the ass wiggle and the sounds emitted through the leather muzzling head gear while in session. The "yes Master" and the look of willingness, an attentive behavior inherent of the slave mind. The need for painful discipline while serving the pleasures of Master.

When the Master initially seeks the slave, the Master must capture the fascinated, enchanting the slave mind, trigger the internal need by extending a steady hand in trust, structured discipline in a nurturing environment.

When the slave initially seeks a Master to serve, the slave must enchant by a visible forthcoming willingness to serve with enthusiasm for the trust, structured discipline and work for the nurturing environment Master is then empowered to provide.

Directed scene under inspiration from the Norwegian kitsch painter Odd Nerdrum.

BDSM Dynamic, Device Bondage, Master, slave, Inspirational, Dog Dildo, Impact Pain, Inflatable Sex Toy, Chain Bondage, Waist Cincher, painful, pleasure, Redhead, Female Training, Slave Transformation, Dehumanization, Sadomasochism, Mental Conditioning, Slave Training, Anal Training, NSFW
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