Pussy Raider
Keira Croft hardtied 2018-07-25 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Keira Croft is quite the adventurer. She's got that spirited nature. That's why she came to INSEX. For the most extreme BDSM experience she could find. To test her we start her off with some rope bondage. A beginners course in realm of BDSM. She's made to struggle around.

Neck ropes and predicaments abound for Ms Croft. She flies through the air like a champ. Jumping out of airplanes is no big deal so why should this be? Then it's time to take advantage of her bound and helpless state. A tape gag makes her nice and quiet for us.

Her pussy is nice and sweet. Her succulent juices create a lovely aroma in the room. Little Ms Croft enjoys the chase and BDSM is no exception. She hangs by her feet like a bat.
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