A Dream Realized
Emma Elise Graves hardtied 2014-06-11 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Today is a very special day indeed. It is the meeting up of two legendary Queens of Pain. For years Elise Graves has been heading up North to get her masochistic fix by getting her ass beaten for Paintoy as only she can. We thought it was about time to return the favor.

Today the student becomes the teacher. All those years of masochistic bliss has molded Elise into an energy to be reckoned with when it comes to dishing out the suffering. And there is no better recipient then Emma, who has watched Elise writhe in shoot after shoot for Paintoy. Emma had always wanted to be an Intersec girl and today she finally gets her chance.

What follows is an orgy of pain and pleasure under Elise's expert hands. The lean toned body of Emma is like clay that is molded into painslut flesh. Emma is hooded, whipped, caned, gagged, hogtied and hung upside down in a full suspension. Each whip lash stands out in bright red streaks across her pale flesh. Elise is a tiny sadistic pain pixie that pushes Emma further and further into the realms of subspace, and the naked joy in her eyes is undeniable.

Their dance is a beautiful thing to witness and the bond between them undeniable. In the end Elise leaves Emma a heaving undone mess of worked over masochist covered in marks and sweat. It is a beautiful look on her. Thank you for coming down and visiting us Emma, you make a great Intersec girl!

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