Franken-Pussy Part 2
We find our beautiful subject, Daisy Ducati, already bound as we dive back in to the hardcore BDSM action of RealTimeBondage. She's shackled on her knees, drooling around a ball gag, and in a terrible predicament. Mr. Hitachi is buzzing away at her clit and while she is on the razor's edge of orgasm our crew and members have determined that she hasn't earned the privilege of enjoying her own body yet.

It would be almost impossible for her to get off, no matter how much she enjoys pain, with everything we have in store for her. Our members have always enjoyed a bit of electrical play. Normally it comes with an interrogation but in this case we've decided to go in another direction. A metal dildo is crammed inside Daisy's tight pussy and electrodes are hooked to it. We don't even bother taking the gag out to ask her questions. Instead we just set the control box to deliver random, high-intensity shocks to her pussy and let her scream into the rubber.

And RealTimeBondage shows only go in one direction. Once we have set the bar there is no going back and giving her an easier time. Our goal is to test this slut to her absolute limit. Getting her begging is just the beginning, by the time we're done this babe will be broken.
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