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PD wastes no time with a slut as hot as 412. They have history, so she knows exactly what to expect. The bondage will be tight, the punishments will be sadistic and all of her holes are going to find themselves full before the day is through. All she wants is to please him and if that means taking a caning until his cock is hard enough to suck, she will bear the burden proudly. For her good service she will receive her rewards. She loves nothing more than feeling hard bondage holding her in place while she cums for an audience. She loves the building anticipation, the knowledge that she is helpless to stop herself, and not knowing if PD will allow her time to recover or just turn the vibrator up to the next level and watch her writhe some more.
audience     bondage     building anticipation     burden     caning     cock     good services     hard bondage     hole     knowledge     next level     nothing     place     reward     slut     time     vibrator     writhe     
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