Dacryphilia Dreams Part 2
Marina realtimebondage 2012-12-04 18.99 credits Buy Movie
One of the better parts about having a full crew on hand for a live feed is that Marina is always being worked over. While Elise Graves works on tying her legs, Hazel Hypnotic brutalizes Marina's delicate tits. As Matt and PD prepare to hoist her into the air the girls keep kicking her while she is down.

Being up in the air is always a bit of an experience. Hanging upside down and swaying is disorienting enough, but Marina isn't in that position just for show. It is not a coincidence that she is at the perfect level to double as a heavy bag.

Beating her ourselves is fun, but having her do it may be even more entertaining. We hand her a rope flogger and free one of her hands. It is all she will need. She winds up and begins to say her Acts of Contrition while flagellating her pussy. Her pain and penance will make her a better person.
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Dacryphilia Dreams
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