Abigail Dupree OT hardtied 2015-03-18 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Meet Abbybot. She is the next generation of pleasure toy, delivered right to OT's door. She may look, feel, and even react like a real person, but she is just an object, and one that he owns, which means that he can use her however he sees fit.

I'm sure there are plenty of men out there who would look at Abbybot's body and decide that she is the perfect fuck-doll. They would spend day and night plowing the tight pussy or asshole on this beautifully equipped and perfectly obedient slave. But for the BDSM enthusiast Abbybot is so much more than just holes. She is the perfect submissive. She feels everything, she obeys everything, she takes anything, and unlike a real person, OT doesn't have to worry about safe words, hard limits, or taking things too far.

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