Reorientation Day
It's been so long since Sarah Jane offered herself up.

I put her through the paces like she's any new toy. It's re-orientation day. Her insolent glances are slapped away.

Her mouth is locked open with metal so when I grab her hair and pull her face hole down on me she tears up, chokes, gags and drools rivulets of hot spit on my cock.

I make sure she suffers, cries, sucks, fucks, screams and comes again and again. I make her prove her bona fides.

When the shoot is over, she's sad it ended so soon. She says she didn't get enough. She pleads for more. Says it was too easy and she's still horny and it's still early.
bona fides     choke     cock     cry     drool rivulet     face hole     fuck     gag     hair     horny     hot spit     insolent glance     metal     mouth     new toys     orientation day     pace     scream     shoot     
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