Bambi Belle hardtied 2018-03-07 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Bambi Belle's been tricked, fooled, bamboozled. Now she's laying on OT's floor; helpless to resist his urges. His every tough is horrifying. He strips her naked and has his way with her, posing her like a toy for his amusement. Before she can even help it he ties her up.

Once she's tied the real fun begins. OT likes his victims afraid. He likes that fear in their eyes, he likes how they shudder and moan at a stranger's touch. The giant gags he uses makes Bambi drool all over herself. She can't help it. OT invades every orifice she's got.

Bambi wants to leave, but OT isn't finished with her. He's going to keep her for as long as she has value. Right now that value is in how she responds to his ministrations. He torments her in the worst ways.
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