Taking Stock Part 2
Keira Croft realtimebondage 2019-01-19 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Keira is released from the plastic bag after getting a full whiff of Victoria’s cunt. Keira remains in the stocking, but stocks are laid over it. Strips of duct tape are wrapped around her had until just her nose is exposed. A new prettier face is drawn on the mask.

Stocks are put on Keira’s ankles. A bowl of melted wax is brought over. As the drops begin to fall on her tender feet Keira begins to scream. Her mask is removed and the stockings are lowered to her next to reveal her tears. More wax completely covers her feet.
ankle     bowl     cunt     drop     duct tape     feet     full whiff     keira     mask     melted wax     new prettier face     nose     plastic bag     stock     stockings     strip of duct     tears     tender feet keira     wax     whiff of victoria     
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