Docere Slaven
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Training the slaves - 465 Under Consideration for sex slave position - retrieved from archive. Docere is a Latin word that means to instruct, teach, or point out. The "docere" is the mode of action, "which aims at a rational cognitive process and the intellectual abilities of the addressee responds". Beginning initial observation or treatment for the complete mindful chattel. The slave as an in-service servant, as an object, a sex slave? Real property? task of I, (no individuality)? Superior slave judgment? Observance and measure with minimum pain. Floor scrubbing, cleaning in nude, Oral and anal cavity evaluation applied; Rattan canning on upper legs, back, ass. cane masturbation, spanking with sharp knife, Made to peel Horseradish root for anal insertion. Recite slaves creed, adupree_232 - PASSED with minor infractions of cell phone usage while on task. Suggested improvements, the countenance of Under Consideration still scheduled - Full report enclosed sublet 27-19-02, adupree_232, Docere Slaven. Evaluation, instruction and direction sadistical Master James presiding.

Consideration is often regarded as the first stage of collaring. A D-type in a period of consideration is said to be considering, while the s-type is said to be under consideration.
Consideration is traditionally given toward the beginning of a relationship, usually after thirty to ninety days of interacting with a partner and is offered with serious intent to pursue a long term relationship involving power exchange dynamics and may be accompanied with the consensual bestowing of a collar of consideration on the s-type from the d-type.
The collar of consideration specifically does not indicate a life long commitment. Rather this collar indicates an exploration of the current relationship to deem if a long term relationship is desirable for both parties.
A collar of consideration can be withdrawn at any time by either party with no fault assigned to either side as the relationship dynamic is considered experimental during the period of consideration.
A period of consideration has no specific time determined start or end point, though often most consideration collars will last six to twelve months and will either end with the two parting ways or moving towards relationship specific training.⁄Consideration

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