With Love, Lily Lane
Lily Lane London River hardtied 2018-12-26 16.99 credits Buy Movie
What an unfortunate turn of events for Lily Lane. Out for a drive through the country to reset she had some car troubles in the worst possible spot. Her cell phone has no signal. There's an upside though. Her biggest fan is about to have her wildest dreams made!

London River has every DVD Lily has ever made. London finds Lily with a neck injury on the side of the road. That's where it all went wrong for Lily. There's something not quite right about her biggest fan. London has big plans for how she's going to rehabilitate Lily.

She bathes and feeds Lily who is grateful, but just wants to go home. Lily is kept restrained while London gets her needs met. She makes Lily sign all of her DVDs and over 200 pictures. When and how will this nightmare end?
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