Bait and Switch
Maddy O'Reilly infernalrestraints 2019-06-21 19.99 credits Buy Movie
I don’t consider myself a prude. It’s important for a performer to set her limits and demand that they be respected. Producers, clients, customers, men never respect our limits. They push, they twist, the bargain.

This time it’s gone too far. I came for a simple bondage shoot. He had different ideas. It started with a few little touches. Nothing I haven’t put up with before. I told him I was uncomfortable. That only made him mad.

It all went down hill from there. I keep using my safeword. I keep calling “red”, but I think it amuses him and excites him. If he ever lets me go I’ll tell the world what he did to me. If they even believe me it won’t make a difference.
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