Futile Resistance
Elizabeth Thorn infernalrestraints 2015-06-05 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Resistance is futile. Elizabeth Thorn knows. She has it tattooed over her pussy. We know that there is no way in hell she is getting free from her bondage before we're done with her, but it's more fun for us if she struggles a bit. Bondage is just fine when the girl is passive and does as she's told, but there is something just a little more exciting about a woman who will try to pull herself free from her shackles.

The surest way to make her kick and scream a bit is to give her a dose of intense corporal punishment. OT takes the time to gag her and blindfold her with tape so that she can feel the crack of the whip against her face. It graces her tits and twat, too, giving her nice red welts all over her body. Near orgasms are just as effective. She isn't allowed to cum without permission, but it's not going to stop OT from lighting her pussy up with a vibrator.
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