[Archive] No Mercy for Mercy
Bella Rossi     Mercy West    
2015-04-06, 71 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 9.99 credits
Girl on girl is the most sensual form of bondage. A woman knows exactly how to satisfy, and torment, another woman's body. Bella Rossi knows better than most. She doesn't just know women, she knows bondage. The way she handles Mercy West, you'd think that she knows her, too. Mercy and Bella are just getting to know each other, but Bella instantly takes control over her and in a matter of minutes Mercy is a willing slave.

Bella has a special touch, one that makes Mercy buck against her bondage. When Bella is feeling kind it is the power of her orgasms that has Mercy thrashing about. When Bella is feeling unkind Mercy struggles to find a way to avoid the corporal punishment. Either way she isn't going anywhere. Bella is an expert at rope bondage. Her knots will hold tight.
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