The Pool of Tears
Kitty Dorian has been stored overnight. Her muscles are sore and tired. The hard manacles and collar have made it difficult to get comfortable. OT drags her out of bed by her hair. He makes her get dressed while still cuffed and chained. She struggles to get the clothes on.

The bondage OT uses is unconventional. He secures her arms to her neck with rubber tubing. Then he goes to work molesting her. He adds more tubing to her predicament. The hard, but flexible material is perfect for subduing her. It easy to make it tight without injuring her.

The cane makes her scream, but one or two slaps across the face and Kitty cries uncontrollably. Now every strike of the cane and whip brings more tears. Kitty does her best to control her sobbing, but the floodgates have opened. She's never looked so beautiful.
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