Dungeon Slave part 2
Mia Gold infernalrestraints 2014-03-14 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Mia Gold is always looking for a hot fuck. Jack Hammer is more than she has ever tried to handle before, though.

First comes the set up. Sex is always hotter with a healthy dose of hard bondage. She is shackled and strapped to a wooden frame that keeps her in the doggy style position. A posture collar around her neck makes it impossible for her to look behind her and makes breathing a chore, adding a bit of edge to every moan. Jack has long been known to leave girls gasping for air. Mia is just going to have a harder time drawing it in. And if the deepest dicking of her life wasn't enough, the Hitachi pressed against her clit is certainly going to give Mia the most intense orgasms of her life.

It's never over just because she's cum herself nearly unconscious. OT is going to take his turn and since Mia is already cum-drunk and limp he is going to see if he can't put some life back into her. She doesn't need a defibrillator. The shock of a whip across her chest is enough to open her eyes.

As soon as she is back in the land of the living it is time for another fast tracked trip back to subspace. Jack starts working her pussy again, this time with an intense combination of fingering, dildos, and the vibrator. Clamps have her pussy spread wide open, making it easy to send her flying. OT doesn't miss a beat, continuing to whip her tits while she has another series of incredible orgasms.
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