Ryled Up
Rylie Kay infernalrestraints 2015-12-11 19.99 credits Buy Movie
What's got Rylie Kay riled up? Mostly the intense tit torture that she is going to have to endure today. She has a nice pair on her: the perfect size to bind, sensitive enough to torment, and so much fun to play with. Really, that could be the description of Rylie herself. The perfect size, easy to fuck with, and oh, so much fun.

This new form of breast bondage is pretty interesting. It consists of a wire cage that clamps around the base of the tit and perfectly frames the nipple. Why bother with something so elaborate? Well, for one thing it pushes those phenomenal fun bags up and out, presenting them for caning without getting in the way. It holds her so tightly that where she would normally have light, pink cane marks instead there are bright red welts and the skin looks almost ready to split.

When O.T. is done adorning her tits with beautiful stripes he turns her around and starts working on the other end. Her ass could use a few bruises and marks as well, and he is more than happy to provide the artwork for as long as she will provide the canvas.
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