Violet Monroe doesn't know what to do when she finds herself completely immobilized by shackles holding down her arms and legs. She thrashes them around, looking around for someone to help her, panicked at not having control over her body. And now that she's lost mobility O.T. is going to make it much worse for her. Being tormented by someone else is one thing, but when your own body betrays you things get so much scarier.

O.T. attaches clamps to Violet's nipples and her pussy and then ties all of them to her big toes. This way every time she moves, no matter how little, she will be tugging at the most sensitive parts of her own body. The next step is to make her move. O.T. tickles Violet up and down her body, getting little shrieks of pain mixed in with her uncontrollable laughter. Then he goes to work on her with the Hitachi, the most powerful handheld vibrator in our arsenal, and watches as she tries not to move too much with every wave of pleasure.

Next he attaches a clamp to Violet's tongue, ties it to her toes, and sets to work caning the bottoms of her feet. This new position adds insult to injury as Violet is humiliated by the ridiculous sounds she makes and the trail of drool steadily leaking from her gaping mouth. Violet is completely powerless and has no choice but to keep pulling at herself, making her pain worse with every moment.

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