April Showers (Bonus)
Bronte infernalrestraints 2010-08-27 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Something about Bronte seems guileless. And with PD, she allows everything.

With her ankles shackled to either side of a post, Bronte struggles with the Fiddle. PD locks the end of it to the post in front of her so that she is sitting. Then he stuffs her dirty sock in her mouth and tapes it in because, he says, she is going to be screaming. He adds a leather muzzle just in case. She is penetrated and alternately caned and buzzed with a vibrator. She squirts repeatedly, soaking the floor around her ass.

She lies on her back, her body arched beautifully, her thighs spread. Mr. Pogo bangs her, pounding her G-spot. Juice squirts out of her with energy, shooting at PD. She is fucked and pussy-whipped. PD mindfucks her and Bronte is a brave one.

She blows out soon after, so PD straps her into the straitjacket and vibrates her into a mess one more time.
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