[Archive] Gimpy the Fucktoy
Joey Minx Mona Wales topgrl 2015-08-24 9.99 credits Buy Movie
The Sybian interests Joey Minx. She looks at it and visions of incredible orgasms begin dancing through her head. Joey's tight, fit body interests Mona Wales. Her day dreams involve tying down the sexy Minx and making her moan, scream, cum and cry.

She doesn't really need the excuse, but Mona sees Joey playing with her toys and seizes the opportunity. The two of them make a deal. In repayment for Joey's presumptive intrusion (and eventual orgasms), Mona will accept her service for the day. She can play with the sex toys, sure, but only if she is willing to become one herself. It seems like an easy gig. It's not.

Mona said that Joey would be able to cum. She didn't say that she would make it easy and she never promised that she could do it on her own timetable. Joey probably should have read the fine print, because she is in for a lot more than she bargained for.

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