Play with Me
Delirious Hunter infernalrestraints 2015-02-06 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Leaving a girl alone in the middle of a room hardly seems like torture, but for Delirious Hunter it is as bad as anything we could come up with to do to her. For one it gives her time to think about what is coming, leaving her both terrified and more than a little wet. Second, Delirious is a girl who loves attention, torment and bondage. Leaving her alone for a second reminds her who is in charge here.

Delirous is great. She's hot, willing, ready. But she could be better. For instance, her outfit is sexy as hell, but it gets so much better when O.T. starts tearing it off. Her body is amazing, but it looks so much nicer when it has a few bruises for the rough corporal punishment. Her attitude is fine, but when she is pushed into subspace she goes from a woman who wants to feel the hard bondage and discipline, to a plaything that NEEDS to feel it.
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