Birthday Wishes: Hate Me
Hazel Hypnotic realtimebondage 2014-11-08 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Normal live feeds start off with a little bit of Q&A, but we know Hazel almost as well as she knows her self at this point so there is no use wasting valuable time when we could just start tormenting her. We asked her a couple of questions about her limits and her habits, but really everyone was anxious to get down to the business of making her scream.

Clear instructions are scrawled across her belly. The words “Defile Me” stand out in black marker against her pale skin. With pleasure, dear. With pleasure. She keeps repeating her mantra, “Hate me. Damage me. Defile me,” and we continue to oblige. Even as the tears start to come down her face Hazel keeps asking for more and thanking us when she gets it.

The question is never whether or not we'll be able to break the girl. The only thing anyone wonders about is how long it will take. Some girls don't break down until the third part of the feed. Some are in tears by the end of the first. Hazel is a great mixture of both. Sure, she cries, but her tears and sobs are so sexy and the one thing she'll never do is quit.
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